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If you are working with Balanced Magnetic Switches (BMS) that do not require a power supply and are used purely as passive sensors in an access control or security system, you can wire them in series by following these general steps:


1. **Understand the BMS Sensors:** Make sure you have a clear understanding of the Balanced Magnetic Switches and their specifications. BMS sensors are typically used to detect the opening and closing of doors or windows.


2. **Determine Wiring Order:** Decide on the order in which you want to wire the BMS sensors in series, similar to other components.


3. **Wire the Sensors in Series:** Connect the sensors in series by daisy-chaining them. Take the output of one sensor and connect it to the input of the next sensor. The exact wiring method will depend on the connectors or terminals provided by the BMS sensors.


4. **Secure Installation:** Ensure that each BMS sensor is securely installed on the door or window frame and the corresponding moving part (door or window itself). Proper alignment and installation are critical for accurate operation.

5. **Test and Verify:** After wiring the sensors in series, test the entire system to ensure that each sensor functions as expected. Open and close the doors or windows to confirm that the sensors are detecting the changes.


6. **Adjust Sensor Alignment:** If needed, adjust the alignment and positioning of the sensors to make sure they trigger accurately when the door or window is opened or closed.


7. **Inspect for Signal Loss:** Verify that the signal continuity is maintained throughout the series. If there are signal losses or interference issues, you may need to inspect the wiring or the condition of the sensors.


8. **Integrate with Your Security System:** Connect the output of the last sensor in the series to your access control or security system for further actions or alerts.


Since BMS sensors are passive devices and do not require a power supply, the primary focus is on their accurate installation and alignment. Ensure that they are correctly placed and that they reliably trigger when the door or window is manipulated. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and installation instructions to ensure proper operation and security.

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