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SiRcom Smart Alert Tutorial

  • Overview of Notifications, Quick Links, System Status

  • Accessing the Main Navigation Menu

  • Working with Messages, Templates, Recipients

  • Managing User Accounts and Permissions

  • Customizing System Preferences and Integrations

In this guide we will be overviewing the SiSA dashboard. This is where you will manage, navigate, and oversee all your mass notification activities.

The page tabs along the top of the dashboard offer an organized view of different sections within SiSA. Its as simple as just clicking to navigate.

Back on the main dashboard, using your mouse, you can click and drag to navigate across the map, as well as the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can also utilize the map control tools in the corner to zoom in or out as well.

The target button can be used to quickly return to relevant areas on the map. For customization you can choose your map's look, by choosing between multiple map views.

Next we have our FEMA IPAWS Alerts Configuration Button this button allows you to configure what FEMA alerts appear on the dashboard.

The last map related tool is our polygon and rectangle selection tool. These allow you to select an area of the map to send out targeted notifications.

Just click to begin drawing your polygon, then close the shape by clicking on the starting point. You can see I have selected the test devices on the map.

The rectangle tool can be used as well to quickly select an area. In the bottom corner here we can monitor and manage our different notification endpoints and devices.

  1. You can filter between indoor and outdoor devices, as well as see the precise coordinates of where your curser is.
  2. You can also monitor the operational status of different notification endpoints or devices in real time.
  3. As these are units are purely for testing purposes the status is set to unknown.

On the right we have our quick menu bar.

  1. The bar consists of buttons that enable users to initiate quick actions related to notifications and alerts.
  2. Then on the bottom here we have a range of predefined templates for common notification scenarios that can also be configured.

Lets try and select a location, we can go ahead and choose Temecula. Now lets try our predefined template, System Test, which will send out a test alert to any recipients in Temecula.

Since we currently have no recipients added, the message will show 0 recipients. You can then cancel, and clear your selection.

If you have questions about specific functionality please review the user guide, our more in depth video guides, or ask your system administrator.

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